Yohji Yamamoto Y`s x TAILOR TOYO SUKASHIRT [ YB-B55-215 ]

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size ( cm )
Width Length Shoulder Sleeve
M size 57 68 47 21
L size 60 71 49 22
XL size
63 74 51 23
XXL size 65 76 52 25
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Made in JAPAN
Model : H175cm [ Black - XXL size ]

The ska shirt reproduces the embroidery of the ska-jan collection by Y's and Taylor Toyo, which was presented in Y's 1972.

Based on a pattern from one of the rarest vintage pieces in Taylor Toyo's collection, the tiger stripes and dynamic physique are expressed only with the three-dimensionality of the embroidery, using only black as the sole colour.

Characteristic elements such as the action pleats on the back of the body, like those on old ska shirts, are kept, and the silhouette is adjusted to a Wise-like shape, with a longer length and air between the body and the garment.

This is a very delicate product that has been reproduced exactly as it was at the time. Because it is dyed with the same pigment dyes as at the time, there is a possibility of discolouration due to uneven colouring, colour fading or colour burning.

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