The "PORTER FUTURE" series features a sharp silhouette and sophisticated design while maintaining functions such as an out pocket.
A fabric that combines functionality and light weight is used, and the black color gives it a stylish look. By using the front and back of the fabric properly, a three-dimensional expression is created even in a simple design.
The main material is polyester knit with high density and polyester cordura ox pasted together. This fabric is characterized by having a moderate volume and a supple texture by pasting stretchy knit fabric used for sportswear and cordura fabric with a thick urethane coating. This fabric is used on both sides, and the knit side is the main side, and the cordura side, which has excellent friction resistance, is used for the bottom and other areas where friction is applied. The interior uses a ripstop fabric woven with high-strength nylon taslan thread, and a highly visible gray color is used. For the PORTER name, a three-dimensional name tag made of polyurethane with detailed expressions created by high-frequency molding with a special engraving mold is used, and it is attached directly to the main body fabric by thermocompression.
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