By using two types of materials, glossy nylon and nylon that is resistant to friction and tearing, as the main material, each fabric is characterized by its glossiness, contrast of texture, and different texture.
In addition, the product is washed after sewing, and it is also a feature of this series that the facial expressions change one by one, such as changes in color, distortion, and wrinkles.
(* Since the metal parts are also washed, the background color and small scratches may already be seen at the time of purchase, but please understand that this is not a product defect.)
Nylon tape is laid on the bottom and the base of the shoulder straps for reinforcement to enhance the design, and details that enhance the original strength of the military bag are adopted.
Furthermore, the eyelets that can be seen at key points are also military-derived design points. The concept of the series is enhanced by incorporating military tastes everywhere.
This series allows you to feel the particularity of Yoshida & Co., which has released many military-style bags.
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