With the details of the US AIR FORCE nylon flight suit "FLYING SUIT / TYPE K-2A" manufactured in the early 1950s as a motif, the greatest characteristics of military gear, "high practicality, functionality, and durability" This is a total series focusing on "Sa".

The material of this series is completely developed from thread to organization with the high technology of Made in Japan, inspired by the flying suit at that time. It is original. Nylon filament, which is strong against friction and flexibility and has a smooth and glossy feel, is woven in an Oxford picket style that combines high density and lightness. The surface is silled to give it a unique luster and firmness.

Each item incorporates the details found in military equipment of the time, and is studded with specifications that fit everyday life. A full tanning cowhide leather pull is attached to the wire automatic slider on the main fastener part, and a semi-automatic slider puller with the PORTER engraving originally manufactured is adopted for the other fastener parts. All types except the string strap (17043) are sewn with an original spec tag with a woven label as a motif, which describes the standards for procuring military supplies, and is based on Insignia, which describes nationality and troops. The original Insignia "PY AIR FORCE" is printed.

For metal parts other than fasteners, we have adopted a special coating agent "CERAKOTE" whose main component is ceramic, which is currently used by the US military. The oxygen tab used for the early model of MA-1 to fix the cord of the oxygen mask with a clip is a pocket that can store smartphones and the like.

For the shoulder strap, we have developed an epoch-making system that allows smooth adjustment with one action by sewing a combination of general parts and tape with original specifications.
■ Patent No. 6689930 / Design No. 16596 The US

AIR FORCE soldiers at that time painted their flight jackets and body of the aircraft, thinking of their families, lovers, and hometowns. Inspired by that culture, this series uses two peaceful and charming "PILOT DOG'S" as the original pin-up dogs. This art was commissioned by London-based graphic artist "Russell Maurice". All models come with a "PILOT DOG'S" sticker tsukesage.

A special coating agent whose main component is ceramic. It has excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, durability, and melting resistance, and clears the mil-spec specified by the US military. It has extremely high adhesion to the work piece, is resistant to scratches, and does not easily come off. Due to its high adhesion, it is difficult for moisture to get under the paint, so it is hard to corrode and has high heat insulation, so it is also used for heat resistant coating around the engine of automobiles and motorcycles.

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