Ryo Ishikawa is by all accounts an iconic figure in Tokyo’s storied streetwear scene. Making his mark in 2004 with the inception of his flagship brand VANQUISH, the sartorial creative set out to embody a stylish masculine ideal — the very concept that drives it forward. Creating a broad range of pieces that cater to casual as well as semi-formal markets, VANQUISH succeeds in imprinting its artistic ideologies in today’s menswear landscape. In tandem with legendary streetwear personality Hiroshi Fujiwara, the dynamic duo have meshed creative braintrusts to form DENIM by VANQUISH & FRAGMENT. Specializing in various forms of streetwear staples, the pair linked up to satisfy a deep-rooted appreciation for anything and everything denim, this while operating in a nation widely acknowledged for dominating the denim trade both locally and abroad. Rounding out this ever-impressive portfolio is Ishikawa’s involvement with Fxxking Rabbits or #FR2, his latest streetwear imprint, which melds together the worlds of fashion, design and photography.
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