RIDE" is a series designed with ease of use in mind so that people can carry their belongings with ease when traveling by vehicle or walking/running amidst diversifying lifestyles. A total of 9 models are available to choose from to suit each individual's lifestyle without being restricted by age, gender, hobbies, tastes, or area of residence.
The main material is nylon twill fabric, which has been treated with PVC to enhance its water resistance. The bottom gusset, which is subject to heavy loads, is made of Cordura ballistic nylon for added durability. A sling binder is also provided on the front and bottom of the main body to simply secure and carry personal items. The backpack and waist bag have crossed tapes to accentuate their appearance. The shoulder strap is an innovative specification that allows smooth adjustment with a single action.
CARRYING EQUIPMENT STRAP: Patent No. 6698930 / Design No. 1659605
An original chain* made from a competition-use bicycle chain that combines functional beauty and durability is also included. This chain, which can be used in a variety of ways, can be attached to bags, small items, or belt loops of pants as an accessory. Its supple movement, unique silhouette, and deep black chrome-plated color are appealing.
*About the original chain
Made by Izumi Chien, a top brand that has been manufacturing chains in Japan for over 100 years and is known worldwide for its outstanding technology and high quality.
A reflector band that reflects car lights, etc. and emits light is also included.POTR's original design can be used in a variety of situations, such as on a bag, on the arms when running, or to prevent pants from getting caught when riding a bicycle.
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