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Size (cm) Chest Length Shoulder Sleeve
M size (03) 55
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Material : 100% Cotton
Made in JAPAN

TYPE A [ WZ-T25 ]
A wrestler in a monochrome mask printed on the front.
A unique design accented with a gray scarf visible from the neck.

TYPE B [ WZ-T26 ]
A high-impact T-shirt with graphics of four different wrestlers wearing masks.
The letters "WILDMASK", not "WILDSIDE", tickle the playfulness, and the patterns and faces of the masks with various designs, and the designs that look like they are in a picture frame, are more interesting the more you look at them. It is one that you can feel.

TYPE C [ WZ-T27 ]
A T-shirt with a design that looks like a wrestler wearing a mask with a "Y" engraved on the chest.
The letters "WILDMASK", not "WILDSIDE", tickle the playfulness.

TYPE D [ WZ-T28 ]
A T-shirt featuring a masked wrestler who looks like he's going to jump at any moment, along with pop graphics.
The casual point is the tattoo of Ikari on the right arm.
The letters "WILDMASK", not "WILDSIDE", tickle the playfulness.

The letters "WILDSIDE" as if drawn by hand create a different WILDSIDE atmosphere than ever before.
The "WILDSIDE" logo is printed on the neck of the back body, which looks like hand-painted.
Available in 1 size and has a relaxed silhouette.

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