SYNC BY MEDICOM TOY x PUSHEAD snotblower Copper Ver.

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SIZE : 26(h)mm


Pushead. a person who rose from his love for hardcore punk music and skateboarding, supporting both of these scenes, not only with his artwork, and writing skills...but with a passion for these movements. While Pushead has a long history of working with many different types of people, he is probably most widely known, for his nearly 30 years of work for Metallica.... that is still a visible branding source for the band. Playing the name game gets you..... Thrasher, Zorlac, Nike SB, Cocobat, Misfits, Conspiracy, Corrosion of Conformity, Aerosmith, MRR, Soundgarden, Tad, Zero, Cavity, Juxtapoz, Dr. Octagon, Secret Base, Kylesa, Balzac, MEDICOM TOY, Septic Death, and so many more. In a materialistic world, Pushead creates and continues to embellish, that which he loves. Make an effort, show your hardware.

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