PORTER x 宮脇賣扇庵 ( Miyawaki Baisenan ) FOLDING FAN [ 384-91903 ]

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Size Width Length
 One size 2 22.5
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Made in JAPAN
Material : Bamboo / Japanese paper

This is an original folding fan produced in collaboration with Miyawaki Baisenan, a long-established fan shop in Kyoto founded in 1863.

``Miyawaki Baisen-an'' has been manufacturing and selling almost everything in-house since the Edo period, and has inherited the tradition and techniques to this day. The many folding fans produced are all attractive ones that combine utility and beauty, such as the feel, the degree of opening, the weight, and the ease of use.

The fan surface adopts a different PORTER logo on the front and back based on olive color. The attached strap is an original braided cord that can be used as a hand strap by hanging it on your wrist.
The fan case is a special specification that uses the fabric of the "Tanker" series, which represents PORTER, and attaches the PORTER piss name.
The presentation box with silver foil stamping is also recommended as a gift.

It is a masterpiece that combines the traditional techniques of Miyawaki Baisenan with the unique design and function of PORTER. 

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