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Size (cm) Width Height Depth
One size 32 18.5
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Made in JAPAN
(base fabric : polyester PVC processing, embossing, Nanotop™ processing)

Back : Nylon ripstop
(Teflon fabric protector processing) (Urethane coating)
Model (Gray) : H161cm & H173cm

Based on the concept of lightweight, this is the "PORTER TACTICAL" series that uses highly functional STAMOID LIGHT as the main material.
We have a wide variety of items for various lifestyles, purposes, and ages, with a casual chic atmosphere unified in basic and black.
The STAMOID LIGHT adopted as the main material is a Swiss-made fabric developed by Serge Ferrari of France, and is mainly used as a cover for yachts and cruisers when anchored. It combines strength, lightness, waterproofness, and light resistance, and is characterized by being thin and ultra-light while having excellent tensile strength. This fabric is woven with 250 denier polyester high-strength yarn, and the surface of the fabric is PVC-processed using a rotary screen method*, and embossed on top of it to give it a unique look. In addition, a unique water-repellent treatment called Nano Top TM processing is applied to both the front and back of the fabric to prevent water from entering, such as rain and sweat, and to prevent dirt from sticking. By taking advantage of the strength of the fabric, the amount of lining and core material used has been greatly reduced, and the nylon tape is woven from lightweight hollow fiber nylon to reduce the overall weight of the bag.

*Regarding the rotary screen method
The "laminate method" is a method of crimping a PVC film, while the "rotary screen method" is a method of applying a liquid resin to the base fabric and then hardening it with a roll.

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