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Size (cm) Width Height Depth
One size 36 36
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart
Made in JAPAN
Surface material: Nylon twill

(Back side: acrylic coating)
Cordura® nylon ripstop
(Back side: urethane coating)

Inner material: Cordura® nylon ripstop
(Back side: urethane coating)
The "PORTER FRAME" series uses two types of nylon materials with different textures and feels, and is finished with a military taste and light weight.

We emphasize not only the original design of military items but also universal details, and we are enhancing the series concept by incorporating such elements everywhere. The eyelets seen at key points are also military-derived design points.

Two types of main materials are used: nylon twill fabric woven with glossy semi-dull nylon yarn at ultra-high density, and ripstop fabric woven with matte full-dull cordura nylon yarn that has resistance to friction and tearing. increase. Both are made of nylon, but the contrast between the luster and texture of each fabric is a unique expression of this series. The main part is a cordura nylon ripstop with firm elasticity, and the supple nylon twill and material are used properly where you want to move. Normally, the part to be sewn so that it cannot be seen from the surface (the part where the parts are sewn together, such as the main body and the bottom) is exposed to the outside and sewn with thick nylon tape to prevent it from losing its shape. In addition, nylon tape is placed on the parts where load is applied, such as the bottom gusset and the base of the backpack strap, and the parts that require strength such as the handle are also reinforced with stitch work.
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