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Size (cm) Width Height Depth
One size 10.5
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Made in JAPAN

Material : Cow shoulder leather
(Imported Italian leather, tanned with tannin, glass processing)
The leather, which is characterized by its dense texture, uses tanned leather that has been carefully and carefully tanned by tanners in Tuscany, Italy, who have been using only vegetable tannins for many years. The shoulder leather has a characteristic unevenness along the spine called "tiger". It is attractive that the facial expressions are different. In addition, the more you use it, the texture and more comfortable it will become to your hands.

The zipper has a luxurious feel, and uses a gold-plated Excela zipper that features smooth opening and closing and a glossy finish. The design point of the series is to intentionally use thick fasteners for small items such as coin cases. In order to enjoy the contrast between the glass-processed black surface and soft leather, the exterior is finished with a polished finish, and the edges are carefully polished before being finished with a top coat. tailoring. In addition, the brand logo is printed with high-precision laser irradiation that can express fine characters that are difficult to engrave with normal engraving, and is characterized by a slightly burnt dark brown color.

Please note that there are individual differences in how it is shaved due to the unevenness of the surface. Color fading and fading due to exposure to water (rain, sweat, etc.) and sunburn are unavoidable, so please be careful when using it in the summer or in rainy weather, or when matching it with light-colored clothes.

* Comes with a tag from the Tannin Tanning Association in Tuscany.

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