Porter Classic KOGIN FLAP OVER SHOULDER BAG [ PC-051-1503 ]

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Size (cm) Width Height Depth
One size 23
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Made in JAPAN

The "KOGIN" series has a warm look by adding a Porter Classic-like arrangement to "Kogin-zashi," one of Japan's three largest sashiko. This is a vertical shoulder bag. The gentle and unique texture of thick layers of gauze is attractive, and it seems to make everyday styling more atmospheric. "Kogin-zashi" is characterized by a sashiko technique called "eye-blocking sashimi," in which threads are stabbed while counting the number of eyes on the cloth to bring out a beautiful pattern. I dared to disturb the "kogin-zashi" and add distortion to make it uneven, and found the warmth and charm of the sashiko there. It is a brand-like fabric that shows respect and affection for the traditional beauty created by craftsmanship. The main room is compatible with A5 size and has the capacity to store items that you usually carry around, such as wallets, smartphones, and PET bottles. The opening is a snap type, so you can quickly pick up the contents and have pockets inside and outside, so you can store small items neatly.

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