MBT x buntaro for EDIFICE Japan Limited MASAI Barefoot Tech

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Release : Early of June 2024 

Made in JAPAN
Upper Material : Polyester
Sole Type : Kisumu Soles
Level : Active sole level 2

The footbed is made of ``AIR RUBBER Castella'' which is gentle on the skin and has antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Made with skin-friendly materials that have passed formaldehyde tests.

Updated footbed based on the above model.
It is unified with a deeper black than the inline, giving it a more stoic impression.
In addition, the strap uses a material with reflectors.

■How to wear 2WAY
If you put the braid on the instep and put your feet in like sandals, you can quickly and easily put them on without using your hands.

*Due to the design characteristics, the sole of the shoe is unstable. Please be careful.

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