KUON 24S/S Sakiori Striped Pocket Tee [ 114CS05C1F1-00-02 ]

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Size (cm) Chest Length Shoulder Sleeve
S size 53.5 72 46.5 22
M size 55.5 74 48 23
L size 57.5 76 49.5 24
XL size 59.5 78 51 25
XXL size 61.5 80 52.5 26
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Material : 100% Cotton
Made in JAPAN

A pocket T-shirt with fabric made from the Sansa dance yukata torn and woven into the pockets. By cutting off the ends of the split weave, it becomes like a fringe. The hanging obi of the yukata of the Sansa dance is the source of inspiration.

The body is made of No. 40 twin yarn jersey knit that is soft and full, has a nice fleshy feel, and does not lose its shape. By tumble drying the product, it enhances the texture of the fabric and prevents it from shrinking when washed. The neck part is a binder type that does not easily lose its shape, and uses fabric and specifications that can be worn for a long time.

KUON's cut and sew fabrics are made from jersey material that is moderately thick, supple and stretchy, and has excellent breathability. It is also designed to not lose its shape even after repeated washing. It is soft and fluffy even among jerseys knitted with No. 40 double thread, making it comfortable to wear in all seasons.

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