KAPITAL Canvas Snufkin Backpack ( RAINBOWY INSANE Remake ) [ KR2304XB27 ]

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Size (cm) Full Length Horizontal (largest part) Shoulder strap (for rucksack) Shoulder strap (for one shoulder)
One size 148 40 44 - 74 65 - 76
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Made in JAPAN
Material : 100% Cotton

Snufkin backpack boldly remade by KOUNTRY factory craftsmen. The design is decorated with various RAINBOWY patches. The shoulder straps of the backpack part can be retracted and used as a one-shoulder bag as before.

※Because this is a remake item, there may be individual differences.
※This product is embroidered on fabric. Please handle with care as the embroidered parts may be damaged by friction, snagging, etc.
This product is made of natural leather. Please be aware that friction, perspiration, or moisture may cause staining on clothing.

Attention : This item is not eligible for exchange, refund or return service.