JAPAN Convenience Store Kids Socks ( 2pcs Set )

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The long-awaited kids line is now available for popular socks. Reinforcing threads are used on the toes and heels to improve durability. Antibacterial and deodorant processing makes it difficult to smell. It is a pair of line socks and plain.

Size : 13-19 cm
Material : Cotton, Polyester, etc.

- Antibacterial deodorant -
- Pile cushion sole -

The clothing brand "Convenience Wear" was born from FamilyMart, a convenience store. It has been jointly developed with FACETASM designer Hiroshi Ochiai, and has a rich lineup centered on everyday wear such as T-shirts, underwear, towels and socks. Among them, I got the outer T-shirt and line socks that I was interested in personally.

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