JAM HOME MADE World's Smallest Leather Wallet with Charm [ JNS1101 ]

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Release : End of May 2024
Size (cm) Width Height Depth
One size 4.3 5 2.3
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Material : Leather, Brass, Metal
Charm : 15cm
Made in JAPAN

The "Molded Wallet Derby" has come to an end. 
As we enter the cashless era and wallets continue to get smaller, JAM HOME MADE takes on the challenge of creating the world's smallest wallet by far.

This convenient wallet can be attached to larger wallets.The shape is a standard long wallet with JAM HOME MADE's special eyelet parts for a minimalist, simple finish. This is a JAM HOME MADE wallet with a sense of humor. In addition to its function as a wallet, it can also be used as a glove compartment for accessories, depending on your ideas.

By arranging and brushing up the product so that it can be incorporated into the modern lifestyle of people who do not carry wallets, a "new" product is also completed. 
Because natural leather is used, there are individual differences in the way wrinkles appear and the feeling of wear and tear on each item, but there are no problems with the specifications.

After purchase, depending on the method of use, frequency of use, environment and climate, there will be individual differences in the changes over time. 
The leather is made in Japan in the processing. The leather goods are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and each item has a different expression. The unique feature of JAM Homemade wallets is that "no two are alike".

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