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Size (cm) Width Height Depth
One size 10.5
8.5 0.9
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Material : Cowhide Leather
Made in JAPAN

The new collection features a model by Kazuki Kuraishi, a Japanese designer active in a wide range of fields, and is now available in a new look. In the midst of the cashless economy, a cash wallet is the opposite of a cash wallet.

The usability of the second wallet used by Kazuki Kuraishi will be retained, and in addition to the minimum necessary capacity, it will be printed with an image of Iwakura Tomomi's 500-yen bill, nostalgic for the Showa generation. This new signature collection is a new attempt to commemorate the 2024 renewal of Japan's banknote design for the first time in 20 years.

One bill compartment and six pockets. Because natural leather is used, there are individual differences in the way the leather is wrinkled and scuffed. After purchase, individual differences will appear in the aging process depending on usage, frequency of use, environment, and climate.

The processing is made in Japan. Each piece has a different look and feel due to the handcrafting by skilled leather goods craftsmen. No two wallets are alike," is the characteristic of Jam Homemade wallets.

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