Hiroshi Fujiwara Classic Dub Classics Buddha Machine

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Size (cm) Width Height Depth
One size 5.8
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Hiroshi Fujiwara : Classic Dub Classics Buddha Machine
The classical cover album "Classic Dub Classics" released by Hiroshi Fujiwara on Crue-L in 2005 has been transformed into Buddha Machine. The ultimate ready-made and conceptual art-like method and existence that legally reconstructed data on the internet paradoxically presents the extreme point of ambient in a horizon of zero emotion. The mobile electronic Buddhist altar fittings of this work, which stood quietly in the urban space as a work that transcends the times and has the 21st century and beyond, shows a good fit as if this format had been envisioned in advance. A special product distributed only to guests staying at Amanyangyun (Aman Shanghai).

1.The Swan
2.Ave Maria
4.Piano Concerto

●Specifications : Small speaker built-in ambient machine/music player
With volume control / headphone mini terminal
●Power supply : 2 AA batteries (batteries not included)
●9 track recording
●Electronic Buddhist altar fittings

※"Air On G Strings" written on the back is not included.
※There is an AC adapter slot on the upper right side of the main unit, but it may cause malfunction, so please do not use it.
※Although it is brand new, there may be scratches or surface unevenness from the time of production.
※Because it is purchased locally, the outer box may have dents or scratches.

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