F.C.Real Bristol 24S/S ZERO HALLIBURTON Classic Lightweight 3.0 / Cabin-L Travel Case 82L [ FCRB-240106 ]

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SIZE (cm ) Width Height Depth
One Size - 82L 52


A collaboration item with ZERO HALLIBURTON, an American total luggage brand that is loved by many fans around the world for its eye-catching design and durable products.
Boasting a capacity of 82L, this type is suitable for trips of 7 to 10 days. Although the polycarbonate body is large, it is surprisingly light and contributes to smooth movement. A 32L type
for short trips is also available. ・Auto-return handle ・60mm dual-wheel casters with built-in bearings ・Equipped with TS dial fastener lock ・Interior specification with compression function ・For 7-10 day trips

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