F.C.R.B. x BE@RBRICK MLB 100% & 400% [ FCRB-212123 ]

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SIZE: 100% (7cm), 400% (28cm)
Made in CHINA

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BE @ RBRICK 100% & 400% commemorating the 22nd anniversary of SOPH. TOKYO is entitled "US KICKBALL TOUR 2021" and is the season theme of F.C. Real Bristol in collaboration with <MLB>, the highest baseball league in the United States. Reflected deeply. The lineup includes all four models arranged in the same design as the game shirts and game shorts, which are the masterpieces of the brands developed in this collection. With a package specification linked to the design of the main body, it is a special item that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Japan's world-class toy maker <Medicom Toy> and the 20th anniversary of the birth of BE @ RBRICK. increase.

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