DAWIA D-VEC Carbon Technology Lightweight Folding Umbrella [ 60 cm ]

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Size (cm) Width Height
One size -
25.5 ~ 60
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Material : Fabric : Polyester
Middle bone / rib : carbon
Others : Aluminum, resin, etc.
Made in China
 Body weight : Approximately 112g, Ribbon: 7 pieces

A lightweight folding umbrella made by applying the carbon technology used in DAIWA's fishing rods. -It can be used as a parasol because it has a UV shielding rate of over 90%, so it can be used regardless of the season.
Precautions when handling carbon technology umbrellas
This umbrella is made using the manufacturing technology of "fishing rod" that uses the force (friction force) that the knots mesh with each other in order to prevent the "knot falling" of the middle rod.

Since it has a structure not found in conventional folding umbrellas, please read the following notes carefully before using it.

・ During use, the knots may loosen. This phenomenon cannot be completely prevented due to the structure of the carbon shaft that is fixed by frictional force.
・ When extending the umbrella, make sure to extend each section properly before using it. The knots may loosen due to improper stretching or vibration during use. In that case, please use it after stretching it properly again.
* When stretching the knot, the trick is to stretch it a little stronger and fix it at the end.
* Please do not rotate the umbrella while using it. It will be cut off.
* When using, check from time to time to check and adjust the tightening condition.

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