[ Restock ] Blue Bottle Coffee x KINTO Cup & Saucer Pair Set ( 2pcs Set )

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Size Diameter Height Capacity
Cup size 7.7 cm
7.3 cm
350 ml
Saucer 12.5 cm 1.1 cm -
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Made in China

[ Cup ]
Material:Heat-resistant glassware
Category of use : For boiling water, for microwave
Heat Resistance Temperature Range : 120°C

[ Saucer ]
Material:Maple laminate (urethane paint)
Dishwasher : x

KINTO glass cups used at Blue Bottle Coffee cafes when serving drip coffee. The KINTO glass cups used for drip coffee at the café were personally selected by the founder, James Freeman, with the hope that customers will enjoy the beautiful color, aroma, and other characteristics inherent in coffee. The set, combined with a saucer engraved with the brand logo, is recommended for coffee and tea time.

Delivered in a gray decorative box, it is also recommended as a gift.

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