Blue Bottle Coffee x Gadomikio Shoten Wood Cup

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Size  Diameter Height Capacity
One size 8 cm 8.3 cm 220 ml
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Made in JAPAN [ KAGA ]

Material : Zelkova
Coating : Urethane coating

Mikio Gado Shoten, which is highly acclaimed for its traditional Yamanaka lacquerware both in Japan and abroad, Shigeichiro Takeuchi, a product designer who pursues designs that bring out true beauty and functionality regardless of time and fashion, and Blue Bottle Coffee have collaborated to create this new product.

The result is a gentle form with soft curves that give a sense of the warmth of wood, and a form that is easy on the hands and pleasant to the touch.
The shape is such that you can wrap your hands around it to savor the coffee, and the mouth is open so that you can enjoy the aroma.
The high technology and beautiful design of the cups make them practical and artistic, allowing you to enjoy the coffee experience that we seek, even at home.

Gado Woodworks was founded in 1908 in Yamanaka Onsen, the town of rokuro (potter's wheel). Inheriting the intentions of the wood craftsmen, Gato Woodworks emphasizes the beauty of the wood grain produced by natural materials and the perfection of the wood carefully ground one by one by wood craftsmen, and shows the grain boldly without hiding it. Mikio Gato Shoten pursues practicality by utilizing traditional Yamanaka lacquerware techniques and a high level of artistry based on a Japanese aesthetic sense.

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