[ Restock ] Blue Bottle Coffee Reversible Tote Tokyo

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Size (cm) Width Height Shoulder Strap
One size 42
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart
Made in JAPAN
Fabric : 100% Cotton (Kurashiki Canvas)

The "Regional Tote" was created as a "tote bag for each region.

The new design is based on the concept of "no omote", which means that there is no "inside" or "outside" of the bag. The bottle mark and "TOKYO" are printed reversed, so that when this side is used inside, "TOKYO" can be read only when seen through the outside, and the bottle mark is facing the right way.

The edges of the side with pockets are stitched with blue thread, which adds a nice accent to the canvas. The reversible design allows you to use either side, so why not change it depending on your mood or outfit?

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