BEAMS JAPAN x Uratsuka-kobo Geta Sandals

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Made in JAPAN
Body : Japanese cypress
Geta strap:Cotton, Polyester
Sole : EVA

These geta sandals are a special order from BEAMS Japan, featuring the "BIRKENSTOCK" sole commissioned from Uratsuka Kobo, a geta manufacturer in Hita City, Oita Prefecture. The sandals are made of Uratsukakobo's small-format hinoki cypress wood, which is curved to fit the sole for comfort. The sandals are smooth to the touch, and the fresh scent of uncoated natural hinoki cypress will lift your spirits every time you wear them. The soft and cushioned snout made of cotton fabric woven by craftsmen in Osaka will fit your feet comfortably every time you wear them. With a high-performance sole, this item has increased runnability and is no longer a traditional geta, but has evolved into a "geta sandal. These sandals are perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

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