STUDIO SEVEN x mita sneakers x NEW BALANCE ML850 MB2

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The "850", which was not available in Japan at the time of 1996, was born as a running shoe for long-distance runners with an emphasis on "stability". "Supportability" is improved by using a design that uses "webbing tape)".

In addition to using the "upper" material, which has excellent cost performance, the functional material "Abzorb" specializing in "shock absorption" and "repulsive elasticity" and "C-Cap", which excels in "sustainability", By using "Rollbar" which uses lightweight and solid "Graphite" material for "sole unit" which demonstrates excellent "cushioning property" by combining "seacap" Provides "stability" when landing while preventing the foot from sinking. With a price setting targeting a wide range of users regardless of generation, it was used habitually in various situations from many runners to town use.

The collaboration model of this work is inspired by "over dyeing (post-dyeing)", and while putting together "dark navy" that gives off a three-dimensional contrast for each layer, "international orange" is effectively added to the details. Placement. Practical evolution as a town use model, such as newly installing a "pull strap" that makes it easy to put on and take off while skillfully arranging "nylon mesh", "suede", "nubuck" and "smooth leather" as materials. Is brought about.

In addition, the "insole" is decorated with "STUDIO SEVEN" signature "Caution Logo" and "mita sneakers" icon "Chain Link Fence" while "new balance" and "Studio". The "logo mark" of "Seven" and "mita sneakers" is arranged, proving that it is an official collaborative model.

In addition, the inside of the heel is embroidered with a star motif that hides the number 7.The "850" has been revived by inheriting the "new balance" brand philosophy while unraveling tradition and history and respecting "heritage".

Experience the essence and details of "STUDIO SEVEN" and "mita sneakers" based on the reissue model that has the potential as a town use while keeping the technology as a sports brand inside. 
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