PORTER's representative series "SMOKY", which has been updated for 20 years since its release.

The greatest attraction of the "SMOKY" series is the original fabric "Cordura Duck", which is packed with outstanding craftsmanship in each process from thread to weaving.

Zimbabwean cotton is used for the warp threads, and uneven uneven yarn with uneven thickness are spun. Strong and supple Cordura 1000 denier is used for weft yarn. It is very difficult to weave uneven yarn, but the techniques and ingenuity of Japanese craftsmen cultivated over many years have made it possible to create a plain weave.

The "Cordura Duck" that was born in this way has a unique texture that is not found in conventional fabrics due to the gentleness and natural look of cotton and the strength and luster of nylon. This fabric, which is a fusion of low-tech and high-tech, is dyed with different warp and weft yarn to create a deep and tasteful color.

The original jacquard fabric with the PORTER logo is used for the lining, and while it is made to stand on its own, it is also lightweight.