In 1998, 『SOPH.』 was founded by Hirofumi Kiyonaga. Under the concept of minimal design, it has started its business seeking for the sophisticated daily wear. With focusing on the surplus details for multi-usages and the quest for the high-tech materials, it has created and developed the collection of functional casual clothes for daily use. After that, SOPH. has been trying to convince that you can feel a kind of Japanese aesthetic beauty through the cloth material containing Binchotan. The philosophy that the comfortable clothes good for urban dwellers should be functional-oriented has so far affected not a little the trend of street fashion and such innovative point of view of 『SOPH.』 has received widespread attention.

Afterwards, 『SOPH.』 has been inspired by the creation of Sori Yanagi and Charles and Ray Eames, who are completely out of fashion field, developed its unique collections. After the brand name was changed from 『SOPH.』 to 『SOPHNET.』 in 2002, in collaborations with Tatsuo Miyajima, a well-known contemporary Japanese artist, Julian Opie, a master of English art and Jack Pierson, a US artist; SOPHNET. has successively developed new lines of clothes which evolved from the blend of art and fashion. Recently, 『SOPH.』 has launched the 1st collection of 『NIKE HERITAGE ACG』 in which the great heritage of 『NIKE ACG』 and the essence of SOPHNET.'s 'simplicity' and 'sophistication', are designed to be blended harmoniously.

Music, art, industrial design........ 『SOPHNET.』 has established its identity by bringing systematically the essence of various cultures into one fashion field. 『SOPHNET.』combines all the necessary elements for today's mens fashion such like street, outdoor, traditional, and it is still evolving as a leading brand that contributes to full growth of domestic brands.

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