F.C.R.B. x BE@RBRICK MLB 100% & 400% [ FCRB-212123 ]

Prix régulier $1,080.00

SIZE: 100% (7cm), 400% (28cm)
Made in CHINA

The BE@RBRICK 100% & 400% commemorates the 22nd anniversary of SOPH. TOKYO with the theme "US KICKBALL TOUR 2021" in collaboration with <MLB>, the highest baseball league in the United States. The collection includes four models designed to resemble game shirts and game shorts, which are the masterpieces of the brands developed in this collection. The special item celebrates the 25th anniversary of Japan's toy maker <Medicom Toy> and the 20th anniversary of the birth of BE@RBRICK, with a package linked to the design of the main body.

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 貨品包裝外盒,有機會因運輸期間會出現不完美情況,此乃一般正常狀況,本公司恕不負責,請客人下單前想清楚。客人亦不可以此為退貨或退款理由。The outer packaging of the product may experience imperfections during transportation, which is considered a normal occurrence. We regret that we cannot take responsibility for this. We kindly ask customers to consider this before placing an order, as it cannot be used as a reason for returns or refunds.

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