Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper Set

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We have developed an original dripper to further express the "deliciousness" of Blue Bottle Coffee. A dripper designed with physicists focusing on structure, shape and flow. Manufactured at Kubota Minoru Ceramics Factory in Arita Town, Saga Prefecture-Kuemon.

Dimensions : Body Φ11.4 x Height 7.7cm (Width including handle 13.5cm / Bottom diameter 4.7cm)
Material : Porcelain (made in Japan)
Handling : Dishwasher ○ Direct fire ×
An original coffee filter developed for the Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper. This filter uses fine bamboo paper, so it can be used without blanching.
Raw Materials Unbleached Wood Pulp / Bamboo Pulp / Wet Paper Enhancer (Japan)
Contents: 90 sheets

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