We are announcing a special collection with "My Neighbor Totoro", one of Studio Ghibli's masterpieces.

Since its release in 1988 as directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the animated movie "My Neighbor Totoro" has been loved all over the world. It is a heartwarming story that depicts the interaction between Satsuki Mei and the mysterious creatures Totoro, Nekobasu, and Makurokurosuke, who are said to meet only when they are children.

This special collection is based on the olive color that imaged the "forest" that is the stage of the story, and the lush Totoro forest is printed on the interior to vividly express it.
If you look inside the bag, you can meet Mei who sleeps on Totoro's tummy.
The fur part of the bag expresses Totoro's tummy and is soft and gentle to the touch.

* The pocket that expresses Totoro's stomach depending on the item can be removed and used as a pouch or shoulder bag.
* The fur used is acrylic, not animal-derived.