uniform experiment 22S/S DURALEX MEDIUM GIGOGNE [ UE-220074 ]

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Made in France
 Height: 6.9cm, Diameter: 7.0cm, 160cc
Collaboration with French kitchenware maker <DURALEX>, which manufactured the world's first tempered glass tumbler. Based on the brand's popular series "Jigon", it is customized with the Circle Thunder logo and Circle UE logo. The two distinctive lines are designed to be full of functional beauty, which prevents them from sticking together when the glass is washed and also serves as a scale. By combining it with other sizes developed this time, it can be used for a wide range of purposes and can be stacked beautifully like a matryoshka doll. The bottom is engraved with the Duralex logo and Made in France. It will be a set of two of the same size.