uniform experiment 21S/S ASGER JORN:'VIVE LA REVOLUTION PASIONE' / BOX TEE [ UE-210010 ]

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Size (cm) Chest Length Shoulder Sleeve
size 1 51 65 51 18
size 2 52 66.5 52 19
size 3 53.5 69 53 20
size 4 54.5 70.5 54 21
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart
Made in JAPAN

MODEL: H186 B93 W68 H94
Wearing size: 3

Hiroshi Fujiwara, who presides over fragment design and participates in uniform experiments as a director. Featuring Danish artist Asgar Jorn, who was also influenced by him, who has a great influence on the current scene. On the front, energetic works that support their activities are printed from "VIVE LA REVOLUTION PASIONE" announced in 1968 when the student movement in Paris is in the midst. Original signature print on the back. uniform experiment This is an artistic piece that resembles the original body as a canvas.