[ Sale ] TEVA Hurricane XLT2 - Glow (BLACK)

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Atmos custom-orders Teva's classic model "HURRICANE" to phosphorescent specifications!
The shop "atmos", which continues to send out to the world, is a leading brand of adventure shoes.
Released bespoke sandals with "Teva".
This time, the standard model "HURRICANE" of "Teva" sports sandals is designed by "atmos".
For phosphorescent specifications.
Triangular plastic parts and out to fix the strap in a refreshing coloring that blows away even on tropical nights
Luminescent is applied to the entire surface of the sole.
The footbed has a special specification with a refreshing color that matches the color of the phosphorescent.
Not only on the street in the daytime, but also the face of the night floating in the dark night is exceptional.
Although it looks simple at first glance, it is a pair of delicious sandals that you can enjoy two expressions.