uniform experiment 22S/S 泰八郎謹製GLASSES [ UE-220063 ]

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Made in Japan

Frame length: 4.5cm, Frame width: 14.2cm, Temple length: 15.2cm

Based in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, a collaboration with Taihachiro Sasa, which develops eyeglasses full of craftsmanship carefully tailored by traditional manufacturing methods. Based on the familiar Boss Lynton silhouette that fits various styles, celluloid is used for the material and a beautiful luster is used for the lens, and UV cut lens is used for the lens. A classical mood is created by treating the twisted part with studs. Not only the looks, but also the details unique to the world-famous production areas, such as the no-core manufacturing method that uses a metal core for the temples and the studs are fastened to the hinges, and the robust 5-hinge. Available in two colors, solid black and brown, which has a beautiful expression of unique fabric. A special case is attached.