SOPHNET. 22S/S ovject ENAMEL HOOK MUG [ SOPH-220091 ]

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Size Diameter (with lid) Bottom Capacity
One size 10.5 cm 7 cm 360 ml
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart
Made in JAPAN
Collaboration with <ovject>, which develops kitchen / tableware full of functional beauty that enriches everyday life. Based on the brand's classic popular item "enamel hook mug", it is customized with chic coloring and brand logo based on monotone. By using enamel with high thermal conductivity as the material, it keeps the cold and warm drinking time without spoiling the flavor of the beverage. Since it is compatible with ovens and open flames, it can also be used as a cooking utensil or for outdoor scenes. The handle is removable with a magnet, so it can be removed for stacking, and the compact size makes it convenient to carry. With a lid, it not only minimizes damage in the unlikely event that the main body is knocked down, but also prevents dust from entering and is hygienic. It's a good product packed with nifty ideas.