BEAMS 45th Classic Logo Products FACE TOWEL

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Size (cm) Height Long
One size 35
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart
Made in JAPAN
Material : Cotton 100%

<BEAMS> In commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the founding, the first <BEAMS> logo "American Life Shop BEAMS" that was displayed in the store at the time of the founding in the 1970s is reproduced. We will sell a special collection of various items. It is nostalgic for those who know the time, and it is a fresh item for those who see it for the first time.

A face towel with a size that is easy to use. It is useful not only indoors but also in various scenes such as sports and outdoors. This item is also recommended as a gift. Please take this opportunity to purchase a special model that reproduces the original <BEAMS> logo on the anniversary year!