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From the popular <BABY-G>, a special model is now available. Based on <BABY-G>'s "BGD-501", bespoke with the same crazy color that seems to be <BEAMS BOY>, which is a combination of 5 colors of white, matte white, clear, matte clear, and gray. The catchy heart logo of <BEAMS BOY> has been dropped into the bag light and back cover to give it a special feel. Also, pay attention to the <BEAMS BOY> original production package. By arranging the materials that seal industrial products with air, we have completed a discerning look that makes the watch float. A watch only for <BEAMS BOY> that is particular about the package, body, and coloring. This is a must-have item at this opportunity.
Width 1.8 / Wrist circumference 13-18.2 / Dial Length: 5, Width: 3.8