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One size 87
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Material: 100% Cotton
Will Sweeney, an illustrator and graphic artist who has fans all over the world, is a psychedelic work created by using precise and bold colors. He studied illustration at The Royal College Of Art in London and then started working as an illustrator.
Inspired by graffiti lines, colors and symbols, he provides graphics to clients in a wide range of genres such as fashion, comics, animation and music. He also runs the label Alakazam, where he produces the adventure comic "Tales from Greenfuzz" and develops art print T-shirts.

He made a towel to commemorate this special collection. Complex graphics are reproduced using an ancient Japanese dyeing method called "hand-printing", which is carefully finished one by one by craftsmen.
Under the theme of "EBAF Crest Towel", this graphic depicts the ancient Mayan squadron, the Ekbaram Air Force, which uses secret technology to control clouds and the like.
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