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Size (cm) Width Long Depth
One size 4 91.5-118
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart
MATERIAL : Nylon Twill (cotton bonding)
INNER : Nylon Taffeta
Made in JAPAN
The shoulder strap is equipped with an epoch-making system developed by Yoshida & Co., which allows smooth adjustment with one action. ■ Patent No. 6698930 / Design No. 1695605
You can easily adjust the length by raising or lowering the D-can on the strap.
For the part that hangs on the shoulder, the cushion material is wrapped in the soft bonding material of "TANKER" to make it comfortable to wear. The PX original mil-spec tag sewn on the tape is also a design point.
It is an item that you can upgrade your "TANKER" by replacing it with the shoulder strap of the "TANKER" series.