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Accuracy: Average monthly difference ± 15 seconds
Basic functions: hour / minute / second / day / day of the week, morning / afternoon / 24-hour display, fully automatic calendar (2000-2099), daylight saving time setting function
World time function: Displays the time in 48 cities (29 time zones) around the world, Summer time setting function Stopwatch function: Measurement unit 1/100 second, measurement range 59 minutes 59 seconds 99 (60 minutes total)
Measurement function: Normal measurement, integrated measurement, split measurement, simultaneous measurement of 1st and 2nd place
Daylight saving time function: Set unit 1 minute, measurement range 24 hours, measurement unit 1 second, time up notification with electronic sound for 10 seconds
Alarm function: Time alarm, 5 alarms (1 snooze), set unit hour / minute, alarm alarm sound for 10 seconds, hourly time signal electronic sound every hour
Others: Automatic recovery function, 12/24 hour display switching, EL backlight, light lighting time switching, monitor alarm, operation sound on / off switching
Batteries used: 1 CR2025 (batteries sold separately)
Battery life: Approximately 5 years (electronic sound 10 seconds / day, light 1.5 seconds / day)