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Face masks have become a part of our lives in the past year.
We want to make life with face masks comfortable and enjoyable.

We have created a face mask strap that only KUON can make, with four strands of BORO braided together to ensure strength.

The hook at the end also has an glasses hook, so you can use it as an glass code.
The length of the BORO strap can also be adjusted.

You can also enjoy it as a bracelet.

・Please refrain from taking off your face mask in front of others as it may lead to the spread of droplets and viruses.
・Due to the nature of indigo-dyed old cloth, the color may be faded or transferred.


100% Cotton(vintage, pre-worn),  Made in Japan

Length 80.0cm(Adjustable)

“Notes of Caution”
Products that use BORO are made with one-of-a-kind kofu (Japanese vintage fabric). There will be some products that are already in the state of having degraded over time or, in order to retain its texture, the damaged parts are purposely left as is. Please note that product exchange, returns or refunds because of the BORO’s state or pattern, etc will not be accepted.