F.C.R.B. 21A/W RAIN PANTS [ FCRB-212030 ]

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Size (cm) West Rise inseam Hem Peach Hip
S size 76-92 28.5 74.5 28-38 70 114
M size 80-96 30 77 30-40 73 118
L size 84-100 31 79 32-42 75 120
XL size 90-104 32 81 32-42 78 124
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Made in CHINA 
MODEL: H183 B82 W65 H85
MODEL:H183 B82 W70 H90

Wearing size: L 

Uses entrant, which is a functional material that has excellent waterproof and breathable properties, prevents stuffiness and stickiness, and promises comfortable wearing. Based on the loose sizing that is supposed to be worn in layers, the emblem and supplier logo on both thighs and the long zip on the hem support smooth attachment and detachment. You can adjust the size with the drawcord on the inside of the waist. The point is the abundant color variations consisting of all four colors.