[ 1st Oct. Release ] F.C.R.B. 21A/W POLARTEC POWER AIR ZIP UP HOODIE [ FCRB-212035 ]

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Size (cm) Chest Length Shoulder Sleeve
S size
M size
L size
XL size
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart★ 

Made in CHINA

MODEL: H183 B82 W70 H90
Wearing size: L

A new zip-up hoody featuring an asymmetric front zip design. A functionally beautiful design with a curved neckline so that it does not interfere with the mouth. Polartec Power Air is made of uneven material by encapsulating a special batting and air layer to increase heat retention and breathability and keep a comfortable wearing feeling. Based on a slender fit, it has easy-to-use zippered pockets on both sides and finger holes on the cuffs. Military-like beige is the highlight of this season. Pants are also available with the same material, so it can be set up.