F.C.Real Bristol 24S/S ZERO HALLIBURTON Classic Lightweight 3.0 / Carry-On Travel Case 32L [ FCRB-240105 ]

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SIZE (cm ) Width Height Depth
One Size - 32L 37


A collaboration item with <ZERO HALLIBURTON>, an American total luggage brand famous for manufacturing the ``lunar specimen container'' used to bring back rocks from the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.
This is a special model with the Bristol logo designed on polycarbonate luggage equipped with the latest handles and casters. Size that can be carried on board. 82L type
is also available for longer stays . ・Auto-return handle ・50mm twin-wheel casters with built-in bearings ・Equipped with TS dial fastener lock ・Interior specifications with compression function ・For 2-3 day trips ・Suitable for aircraft with 100 seats or more

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