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Format : A5 version variant

Number of pages : 140 pages

Design : arkham design

Written by : Hiroshi Fujiwara, Kan Takagi, Detz Matsuda

Published by : Doubt Everything

TINY PANX, a legendary group by Hiroshi Fujiwara (HF) and Kan Takagi, who were active in the early days of Japanese hip-hop. It is also known that the nickname of HF when he stayed in London became the unit name as it is, but three people including the editor Detz Matsuda formed a group from the birth of punk, a club in Tokyo in the 1980s. It is decided to release a book that looks back on the scene. A part of "LAST ORGY" serialized by TINY PANX in "Treasure Island" is re-recorded, and photos of London streets and clubs taken by HF himself in the early 80's are also posted, making it a coveted book for fans. It has become.

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