Blue Bottle Coffee Grinder

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Size  Diameter Height Handle Capacity
One size 5.5 cm 17 cm 13 cm / 3 cm 30 g
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Material: [Main body] Polyamide, Silicone, PETG resin (bioplastic), Stainless steel / [Grinder] Steel
Heat resistant temperature: Polyamide 240 ° C, Silicone 210 ° C, PETG resin 90 ° C
Size: [Main body] (when stored): φ 5.5 x height 17 cm (powder receiver φ 4.7 cm) / [Handle length]: Approx. 13 cm / [Handle] Approx. 3 x 3 x 2 cm
Body weight: Approximately 300g
Capacity: Approximately 30g
Grind adjustment: 14 steps
Country of origin: [Main body] South Korea / [Grinder] Italy

The grinder mill in collaboration with Cafflano has a simple design with a one-point logo in gray color.
The ergonomic design makes it easy to grind, and the light weight of about 300g makes it easy to carry around and can be easily used outdoors such as camping.
By introducing a resin "plain bearing system", it is possible to maintain uniform roughness and grind, and friction (= heat) is less likely to occur, and by suppressing the oxidation of coffee beans, the original taste of beans is enhanced. You can easily make delicious coffee.

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