BLUE BLUE JAPAN 23S/S Sakiori Patch T-shirt

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Size (cm) Chest Length Neck to Sleeve-end
S size 52 64
M size 55
L size 58
XL size 62
Due to the production process there is the possibility of slight variation in the sizes listed in this chart

Material : Cotton 100%
Made in JAPAN
Model : H166cm [ White - S size ]
Model : H182cm [ White - L size ]

A base T-shirt with pockets is slapped with a fabric ripped from discarded cut-and-sew and woven by hand by craftspeople.
Because it is a cut-and-sew rip-weave, it moves with the base T-shirt while maintaining its elasticity, ensuring comfort. The material has an uneven texture and a surface feel like a sashiko weave.
Based on a basic silhouette, the body and sleeves are gusseted with a continuation of the fabric for ease of movement. Each piece has its own unique look and feel.

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